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Your place to nail the basics of Awesome Screenshot, plus pick up some advanced tips and tricks.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via care@awesomescreenshot.com or Twitter @awe_screenshot


Awesome Screenshot is a web service aimed at designers and screenshot enthusiasts, with the primary function of collecting and providing point specific feedback on your screenshots and designs.

Awesome Screenshot plugin is the complete tool for capturing and sharing a portion or all of any images on your browsing device, with the ability to add text, annotations, lines, arrows and shapes directly onto your captured image. Collaboration is also made easy by point specific comments from the sharer or viewer directly on the captured, annotated image.

Upload images

There are 4 options for uploading a captured image; from the Chrome extension, drag and drop, choosing an image from your computer, and pasting an image from the clipboard.

Chrome Extension - After capturing and finishing annotations on your image, you can upload the image to your Awesome Screenshot account for permanent storage.

Drag & Drop - You can drag any image on your computer and drop it in an open project menu to upload the image.

From Computer - To upload an image from your computer, click the “add images” icon from the project menu, resulting in a popup. Select “choose image” from the popup, then "start upload" to begin uploading the image.

Pasting from Clipboard - In the “add images” popup, press ctrl+V (windows) or Command+V (Mac) to paste the image on your Clipboard.

Once you finish selecting the images you want to upload,, click the “start upload” icon to start the uploading process. When all images are uploaded, click the “done” icon to complete the operation. The uploaded images will default to the front row in the Project menu.

How to leave comments

To leave a comment on an Awesome Screenshot image, first choose your desired color from the “point color” option on the top screen control bar. The “point color” bar will display the selected color. Then click anywhere on the image where you wish to place the message.

After leaving a comment on the captured image, a “comment point” will appear on the image for each comment. Select the “comment point” to expand and view the comment.

How to share images

There are 2 options of sharing images thru Awesome Screenshot.
From the image list, mouseover the image you wish to share, then select the share icon.

While viewing an image, select the share icon from the top screen control bar. This will create a link for the image, which you may share with a messaging tool, email, social service, sharing app, etc.

Sharers and viewers both may leave a comment anywhere on the shared image. Users can also leave feedback for a specific comment by expanding the comment and selecting the reply icon.