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Interacting with Comment Points

The easiest way to communicate with images

Interacting with Comment Points

This is a comment point. You may place one anywhere on an image that has been uploaded to Awesome Screenshot. When you share this image to your friends or colleagues, they can reply to your existing comment points or add their own, which you may reply to as well.

Users do not need to sign up to respond to or create comment points. However, if you wish to share your own images with the comment point feature to receive feedback on your image, you can sign up for a free Awesome Screenshot account here.

New comments and notifications

A small text bubble appears over a comment point when it receives a new comment.

You may also choose to send a notification to the image sharer and anyone or everyone that has posted on the image to inform them of your new comment.

Comment point tool bar

This is the comment point control bar. Pick the color of your choosing for your comment point here.

View mode switch

This is the switch to hide and show comment points.

Comment tracker

Click here to show a list of existing comment points. This panel is empty by default when there are no comment points existing on the current image. A notification dot will be displayed here when you receive new comments.

Account options

This is your avatar icon. It displays who you are posting as. If you are posting as a Guest, you also have the option of deleting your previously entered information. You also have the option of signing up for a free account here.

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